How can I not blog when (#2)–

… Britain’s $1.6 billion-worth of brand-new nuclear submarine runs aground off the coast of Scotland while testing its sonar!
Just put this $1.6 billion figure together together with the sad facts of what I just blogged about Haiti, and you’ll see how totally askew the priorities of the so-called “western” nations are today.
Of course, Britain’s defense spending-hole is still tiny compared with ours in the U.S.
As Chas Freeman reminded participants in the conference he spoke at here in DC yesterday:

    The roughly $1 trillion we [in the U.S. spend annually] on military and related activities in the budgets for defense, veterans affairs, intelligence, military assistance programs, homeland security, nuclear weapons and propulsion, and the like is two-thirds of government operations. It is all — every cent of it — borrowed from future taxpayers and current trading partners abroad.

Wish I had more time to blog about the conference, which was held by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations. But I have some last-minute things to do regarding our two soon-to-appear books from Just World Books!