How can I not blog when (#2)–

… Britain’s $1.6 billion-worth of brand-new nuclear submarine runs aground off the coast of Scotland while testing its sonar!
Just put this $1.6 billion figure together together with the sad facts of what I just blogged about Haiti, and you’ll see how totally askew the priorities of the so-called “western” nations are today.
Of course, Britain’s defense spending-hole is still tiny compared with ours in the U.S.
As Chas Freeman reminded participants in the conference he spoke at here in DC yesterday:

    The roughly $1 trillion we [in the U.S. spend annually] on military and related activities in the budgets for defense, veterans affairs, intelligence, military assistance programs, homeland security, nuclear weapons and propulsion, and the like is two-thirds of government operations. It is all — every cent of it — borrowed from future taxpayers and current trading partners abroad.

Wish I had more time to blog about the conference, which was held by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations. But I have some last-minute things to do regarding our two soon-to-appear books from Just World Books!

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  1. The roughly $1 trillion we [in the U.S. spend annually] on military and related activities
    Yes Obama promised you that he will bring troops home, you believein…. yah read in your own eyes:
    “Devil” Brigade Deploys to Iraq

    The lead elements of the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, have deployed to Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn as an Advise and Assist Task Force.

    The deployment follows the 20 Sept. ceremony that honored Soldiers and Families of the 1st HBCT, known as the “Devil” Brigade.

    Operation New Dawn represents a change in the mission of U.S. forces in Iraq by marking an end of combat missions conducted by U.S. forces and the beginning of stability operations conducted by Iraqi Security Forces with U.S. assistance. This change signals that Iraqi forces are assuming increased responsibility for their own security and governance.

  2. George Orwell would be proud of Obama. A “combat brigade” goes in to “advise and assist”! No combat please, just advise and assist the Iraquis to death. I have never been so disappointed in any politician as I am in the warmongering of Obama. I have only myself to blame for believing that he was different just because he is a smooth talker. Helena, it is time to stop apoligizing for him and face facts.

  3. Chas Freeman is a good guy, but he is promoting economic mythology – not his fault because it is what has become the grotesque mainstream ideology after the regression of economics since Keynes & Lerner, etc.
    Not a single cent of US spending is borrowed from taxpayers, future or not, or trading partners. The US and any other state creates money when it spends, destroys money when it taxes, and bond sales have no purpose other than raising interest rates by exchanging one form of money – a bond, for another – currency.

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