My IPS pieces on a new blog; JWN blogiversary

A big thanks to readers who offered to help me aggregate and archive my developing corpus of weekly IPS news analyses!
However, once I sat down and thought about the task, I figured it would be just about as easy for me to do what I wanted as to explain to someone what it was I envisaged.
So after about 90 mins work, here it is!
I have been interested in doing this both for my own use– a handy archive I can draw on at will– as well as, as a service to other readers.
For example, there may well be lots of people interested in reading these weekly updates who might not have the energy to plow through the many, often idiosyncratic and varied (some might say scattershot) things that I publish here at JWN. Hard to believe, I know; but I’ve heard that might be the case… So if you know such people, you could just recommend they go over and check out the new blog. Even better, they could subscribe to its RSS feed.
Just one small warning: the appearance of that other blog may yet change radically. Im still playing with the “themes” there. So just don’t be surprised if it suddenly looks very different. The content will still be the same.
Another reason I chose to do the aggregating in that way, and in that place, is because I’m thinking I might migrate JWN over to WordPress sometime. It would be no big difference for you readers, since I’d keep the same now-venerable JWN domain name. So doing the new blog there gave me a bit of a feel for what it’s like editing and publishing in WordPress. Not too bad– though I don’t yet see how to do “Extended entries” there.
By the way, while we’re on the subject of new and old blogs, do you realize my sixth blogiversary here at JWN came and went on Feb. 6th and I didn’t even remember till now!!! That’s so sad. I’ve had a lot of other ‘versaries to think about so far this month: my son’s 31st, one daughter’s 30th, and my sister-in-law’s– well, okay, Emmy, I shan’t tell the whole world which of your birthdays that was. But many happy returns to all of you, and to JWN, anyway.
Gosh, I published that inaugura.l. post, Powell’s Poor UN Presentation six weeks before GWB invaded Iraq. What a lot has happened since then.

4 thoughts on “My IPS pieces on a new blog; JWN blogiversary”

  1. Happy blogiverary, and many bloggy returns to you, Helena.
    I never knew that the first JWN blog was about the notorious “PowellPoint” presentation, when the Guernica was covered up in advance of it, for shame of what was about to occur.

  2. If your new blog has a visible link to its RSS feed, I couldn’t find it. To get it into Google Reader, I finally guessed and just added “rss/” to the end of the blog’s URL, and fortunately that worked.

  3. Craig, thanks for that head’s-up. You’re right, it’s not in the template I’m using now. (It was in the last one, but right down at the bottom… not very useful there, either.) I’ll try to put it into one of those widget-y things they have on the sidebar. But good call on adding “rss/” at the end!
    On y Firefox browser, which is all i ever use these days, there’s a littl RSS icon that appears at the right-hand end of the URL window, and you click there for any source that you want to get the RSS feed on. But i guess not everyone has that.

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