3 thoughts on “Israel’s wars of choice pushing its politics further to the right (AJAM)”

  1. I think there may be an error in the article. As I recall, the Israeli media initially blamed the Palestinian voters for Peres loss in 1996 but later data did not bear this out. I think I read this in Middle East International.

  2. 1948 was most certainly a Zionist “war of choice”: simply the culmination of a decades-long, Third Reich-facilitated, aggressive land-grab of everything west of the Jordan River. Since ceaselessly expanded on. Political thesis on-target, though it’s difficult to imagine – other than by replacing the Star with the Swastika – how Israel could become much more right-wing than it already is. At this point, it looks like the Netanyahu regime intends to utterly destroy Gaza and simply massacre or scatter the survivors. And why not? They do it because they can, and they can because Zionist banksters and billionaires own – as usual – a President and 535 congresscritters.

  3. Helena, is there any chance of a French translation of Miko Peled’s wonderful book from Just World Books? I live in France with so many interested but ignorant people who really need the chance to learn so much from his experiences.
    Thanks for all your work!

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