Speaking about our recent Gaza/Cairo trip: Charlottesville, July 11

Bill the spouse and I will be speaking about our recent trip to Gaza and Cairo at an event sponsored by my Quaker meeting in Charlottesville, on July 11. Details are here.

2 thoughts on “Speaking about our recent Gaza/Cairo trip: Charlottesville, July 11”

  1. As the tentacles of the conspiracy to vilify those human rights activists from around the world, stretch ever deeper into Greek and other ports worldwide to prevent peaceful protest, it has become all too obvious that the malign influence of the Likud government extends even further than the most pessimistic opinion.
    The free world now increasing¬ly marches to the beat of the Likud drum. It is so extraordin¬arily surreal as to be virtually unbelievab¬le. But it is happening before our eyes. Murder on the high seas. Ships damaged by night in Mediterran¬ean ports. Government¬s backing down and acquiescin¬g to Israeli demands to prevent free passage. The list increases day by day. Where it will end is a matter for conjecture because these events, apparently controlled and financed by the US lobby, are unpreceden¬ted. All we know is that they should strike fear into democratic societies around the globe. These events do not reflect the will of the people, only the will of Likud.

  2. Thankfully then, there are venues where independent thinking still survive, like next Monday! Resistance… is not futile.
    PS: I’ll be there.

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