Sally Sockpuppet and her friends

Well, just as I thought. Commenter “Sally J” who was trying to argue that she’d “visited Gaza with a volunteer church group” just in April and that nearly everything there is fine… turns out to be one of the multiple-personality sock-puppets who visit the blog from time to time.
Here is a screen-grab of what I got when I did a search in my blogging software for the IP address “she” had used:
sally sockpuppet.jpg
So “Sally J” was also “Rebecca Gomez-Sanchez” (playing for the Hispanic audience, there, Sally?), “Winston Overbrook, Seattle”, and “Robby DiMaggio, Horaceville, IL”… And for goodness sake, “Sally”, don’t come back in and tell me (Tom MacMaster-style) that these are all just your “friends”, who’ve been using your computer.
Of course, that IP address will get banned, right now. Of course, this sock-puppeteer and others will continue trying to subvert and discredit the discussion here. I’ll probably move toward installing a “trusted commenter” system.
On the bright side, it strikes me that if the Likudnik apologists have to resort to such pathetic little ruses– oh, this and the infamous “Marc” pinkwashing video— then they really are getting desperate. They must realize that the vast tide of opinion worldwide is absolutely not on their side and that the tide of opinion inside the long-muzzled United States is also starting to see through their long-sustained curtain of lies and evasions and recognize Israeli colonial oppression of the Palestinians for what it is.

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  1. Looks these “volunteer church group” as AlQaida terrorist seen the world in their imaginary minds.
    Don’t know from where 74 life expectancy in Gaza by a lair she/he call herself/himself as informed liar, but in most arab region most the residences have not reach to this figure of life expectancy.
    Let read in quote what some very informative sources telling about Gaza and btw. the Gaza a manufactured catastrophe although its man made disaster mainly by Israelis but let not forgot Jordan and Egypt part of their responsibility of this tragedy in that area.
    Restrictions on the transfer of goods to Gaza:
    Obstruction and obfuscation
    January 2010 (PDF)
    Madrid, April 13, 2010 (PDF)

  2. Hi Helena,
    Long time reader, first time commenter.
    The IP address you mentioned,, resolves back to It is a free web proxy, which allows people to hide their IP address and post anonymously.
    There are a lot of legitimate reasons to hide your IP address, especially if you are commenting from countries that monitor their citizen’s internet activity. On the other hand, proxies make it easy for sock puppets to hide their identity.
    It is possible that Rebecca, Winston, and Robby may not actually be the same user – they may just be innocent users who just happen to be using the same proxy.
    On the other hand, using a proxy would allow a sock puppet to post as many times as they want from a whole range of IP addresses. It would be hard to detect them just by IP.
    You might consider blocking US based web proxies from commenting. That might make it a little harder for them.
    Good luck!

  3. Nice detective work Helena. Good you’ve developed such tools to protect and enhance the value of your work that you share with us here. Thanks.

  4. Thank you, Helena, for exposing this disseminator of lies and falsehoods.
    She, or may be he, is serving those who see the truth as their enemy number one. But as you correctly stated, the vast tide of world opinion is not on their side, but on the side of the truth.
    No matter how desperate they become in trying to muzzle the truth and keep people in the dark, Zionism will be exposed for what it is: a racist 19 century colonial movement that can only survive on stealing other peoples lands and ethnic cleansing. More and more Israelis and Americans have come to face this truth and recognize it.
    If apartheid was eradicated in the last century, it surely will not survive in the 21st.
    I thank you, Helena, for all your work on behalf of the truth.

  5. Salah,
    Not looking to defend Sally J but she stated quite clearly the figure of 74 years as coming from the CIA world factbook. The exact figure is 73.92 and it is ranked number 111 out of 266. Egypt is listed as 72.66 and Iraq at 70.55, both lower than Gaza. Jordan and Israel are listed as 80.05 and 80.96 ranking them at 29th and 17th out of the 266 countries of the world.
    Just as a note the US is 78.37 ranking at 50. Not so good. Our neighbors to the north Canada is 81.38 ranking number 12 in the world.
    Sally J also mentioned infant mortality, Gaza ranks at number 111, well above Egypt and Iraq.
    You can, of course, choose to disbelieve the CIA factbook, but you should have checked before calling her a liar for that statement even if she may well be for other reasons.

  6. CIA world factbook.
    As Iraqi you think what they through over Iraqis in 1991 and for 13 years of sanction and then after 2003 coming here telling me these facts.
    Give me a break David we saw and heard the lies by US media , Officials, military and leaders from top to those under command and other freelance journalists you cannot connivance Iraqis have well been after all what they went through.
    please go and check many source about DU affects Iraq’s under, and in your way cheek Fallujah disaster and those defecated new born babies which never been seen in all around Iraq. Can tell you why US close the area around Baghdad Airport for ONE year from any one could you tells me why and what the cleaned from that area if you are expert or knowable man?
    Been in Iraq between Iraqis there is damming health issue after 1991, I am not health specialist but I tell I have 3 women from my family got strange sickness that required surgery and then we heard from friends same from their sides that effecting their fertility and most of them lost the ability to have babies.
    Coming here defending un defendable case is just nonsense and ignorance by someone totally blind and naïve about what wars on Iraq did and done in regards to the human and far beyond that.
    Just final thing David ask Iraq about Dates Tree how on earth those high long trees died. their heads laydown in way you feel sad for them, I born, live in Iraq never ever seen alike that in my life these tree die in this way, after years then I figure out why and you know what they used to spray the vegetation to kill the most loving threes in Iraq just go and do your homework what used in Vietnam and what developed after to do this on the vegetation ground to make human suffering from food and other matters.
    Good luck to you with your CIA world factbook, with all the truth and full truth……

  7. you should have checked before calling her a liar for that statement
    i must have missed helena calling someone a liar for that statement.

  8. Annie,
    You should read the whole comment thread before commenting.
    Don’t have any idea what point you are trying to make other than you are really ticked off.
    A columnist for the NYT, Paul Krugman (2008 Nobel Prize winner for economics) speculated in a blog post whether the over the top reaction by some people could be because “extremists can’t grasp the notion of non-extreme positions held by other people”.

  9. If an extremists is someone who supports a two-state solution, then I am. What about you?

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