Freeman, El-Haddad, Foust in Charlottesville, Saturday

My publishing company’s three great authors Chas Freeman, Laila El-Haddad, and josh Foust will all be in Charlottesville this Saturday, taking part in a panel discussion on developments in the (Greater) Middle East under the auspices of the Virginia Festival of the Book.
The discussion will be moderated by William Quandt.
Details are here.
I hope that all JWN readers who are nearby will come along– and bring your friends!

2 thoughts on “Freeman, El-Haddad, Foust in Charlottesville, Saturday”

  1. Hopeffully, the Panel discussion will cover the social uprisings for Political change and discuss the new state building in the region. I am sure the discussion will have a great pleasure as long as the Panel will be moderated by Middle East expert Professor William Quandt as a world academic figure.

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