Humor hour with “Tzipi” Livni

That well-known democrat (irony alert), the head of Israel’s Kadima Party “Tzipi” Livni, afforded me a good chuckle over my corn flakes this morning with this proposal for how democratization efforts should be run at the global level:

    Current events in the Middle East highlight the urgency of adopting… a universal code for participation in democratic elections. This would include requiring every party running for office to embrace, in word and deed, a set of core democratic principles: the renunciation of violence and the acceptance of state monopoly over the use of force, the pursuit of aims by peaceful means, commitment to the rule of law and to equality before the law, and adherence to international agreements to which their country is bound.

Ms. Livni, you will remember, was Israel’s foreign minister 2006-2009, that is during the time Israel launched its gratuitous, vicious– and yes, extremely violent– assault against Gaza’s population in 2008. Prior to that, 2004-2005, she was Israel’s Minister of Housing and Construction, and therefore largely responsible for implementation of Israel’s completely illegal settlement project in the occupied West Bank (including Occupied East Jerusalem).
Let’s take her proposed “conditions” one at a time again:

    the renunciation of violence…
    the pursuit of aims by peaceful means…
    commitment to the rule of law and to equality before the law…
    adherence to international agreements…

Question: Why does the Washington Post publish such evidently dishonest nonsense?

6 thoughts on “Humor hour with “Tzipi” Livni”

  1. “Question: Why does the Washington Post publish such evidently dishonest nonsense?”
    The idea is that by feeding its readers ever more extravagant claims, from the stable of political Munchhausens that it maintains, the time will come when the average reader will be literally incapable of telling chalk from cheese.
    From the advertisers’ viewpoint this is a service of immense value,(particularly to those with chalk to spare. The combination of a demographic which includes the well educated, high income earners provided by papers like the Post with the all round servility and credulity characterising the viewers of the most idiotic TV, is priceless.
    Anyone who will swallow Livni’s claims will buy out of state bridges until their credit card wears out.
    There is sound commercial calculation behind the Washington Post’s editorial policy.

  2. Why does the WaPo publish this stuff? Paid to. And that’s how the “big lie” works, by constant repetition. Here, much of the “big lie” is silence.
    Why did NYC’s LGBT Center cancel a pro-Palestine meeting? It even said why: financial threat by big donor.
    This is America, the land of the almighty dollar, even with inflation, unemployment, insignificant taxation for the very rich, etc., etc.

  3. Bob W: Pls read the guidelines before commenting again and know in particular that using all-caps is screechy and therefore discourteous and unhelpful.

  4. Does Hamas follow those suggested guidelines? You only have to read its Charter, Articles 7, (calling for the genocide of all Jews, not just Israelis), 13, (rejecting any form of negotiated settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict) and 32, (branding any Palestinians, such as P.A. President Abbas, who favor a negotiated settlement, traitors to Islam)!
    If radical rejectionist Palestinians are entitled to use armed violence, it would seem that Israel is likewise entitled to use such force in “individual, or collective self-defense,” as authorized by Article 51 of the U.N. Charter!

  5. Bevin, I was sorry to hear that the Zionists have
    repossessed your car again. Sometimes I think that
    their perfidious behavior will never end.

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