Flotilla: Pictures, bios of the known dead

Look at Lawrence of Cyberia’s page on this, and weep for these murder victims. 28 children have now been left fatherless.
And remember, these are still only the known dead from Monday’s flotilla raid. There may well be more, but the full accounting from the Mavi Marmara‘s manifest has not yet been made.

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  1. And mow, a day after disclosure, Obama still has not deigned to disturb himself with a comment about the killing of an American citizen!

  2. Helena,
    The commando(s?), who shot Furkan four times in the head and once in the chest wasn’t (weren’t?), acting in self-defense after the first shot. There is absolutely no need to shoot at people’s heads to stop them from swinging a bat or a bar or a chair at you. (I don’t know if Furkan was swinging anything at anyone when he was shot.)
    This should be condemned by all.
    There needs to be an impartial investigation into Furkan’s and the others’ murders.
    All Israelis should be ashamed.

  3. With apologies to the shade of Percy Bysshe Shelley and his immortal poem “Ozymandias,” I offer here a brief meditation on the historic and continuing depredations of the Apartheid Zionist Entity upon those captive Palestinian Arabs who had absolutely nothing to do with the German/Christian persecution of Jews in Europe before and during World War II. Given the A.Z.E.’s parasitic pariah partership with the U.S.A., I call it:

    “Cozy Scandalous”
    I met a refugee from Gaza Strip,
    Who spoke to me with empty, staring eyes
    Dumb words whose depth of pain I could not grip
    With all the helping hands the world denies
    While lapping up the lurid lies that slip
    And roll so greasy off the practiced tongue
    Of Zionists whose caged and wounded prey
    Are told to flee and leave their dying young
    To weep beside the corpses of their old
    In darkened shattered former homes where they
    Cannot refute the garbage we’ve been told
    By glib Israeli liars trained to spread
    A veil of darkness over crimes they’ve sold
    As “Peaceful Co-Existence” — with the dead.
    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright © 2009

    The Tenth Crusade began in 1948 with the attempt to establish the viral Apartheid Zionist Entity in historic Palestine. Unfortunately for the millions of stateless refugee Palestinians displaced by this most recent crusader kingdom, they do not have a vicious, hysterical (and lavishly funded) political lobby in the imperial capital, i.e., the United States of America. The Apartheid Zionists do have such a lobby, and until Emperor Obama and most of the elected representatives in Congress bankrupt America genuflecting in pathetic compliance to every strident Zionist demand, the obnoxious and bellicose Apartheid Zionists will continue to have the credulous support of the hapless and corrupt imperial court. If that means that a few American or NATO-ally citizens have to die trying to aid the millions of stateless refugee Palestinians, then one can hardly expect the “forward looking” President Obama to give a damn. He obviously finds no fault with crusading Apartheid Zionist pirates and has washed his hands of their many victims.

  4. Israel’s “self-defense” lies have been exposed by the postmortem conducted in Turkey. Several of the victims were shot more than once and the others were shot in the back. I am sure I’m not alone in being unsurprised by these revelations of what passes for courageous self-defense among Israel’s cowardly bandits and desperadoes.

  5. Twenty-eight children left fatherless. Their fathers were true heroes in the battle for justice. Their faces will forever say to Israel, “I accuse”.

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