The Iran/sanctions issue: Chinese netizens weigh in

In the lengthy updates to his Iran/sanctions post of yesterday, China Hand has some great excerpts from the comments board at China’s Global Times website:

    Judging from the comments, Chinese netizens–at least the subset that gets to comment on articles in Global Times–are, for the most part, not happy [with China having given such full and quick support to the U.S.’s sanctions proposal at the U.N.]
    It’s no use. There are too many people in the party with a tilt toward the United States.
    So you want to lead the life of a whore and have a ceremonial arch erected to commemorate your chastity! Don’t think the Chinese people don’t see and understand what’s going on!
    Any country that befriends China will end up the loser.
    We’ve lost a friend and gained an enemy.
    When you drop stones on somebody who’s fallen in a well, you’re worse than a pig or a dog.
    Once Iran is sanctioned, America will start to classify China as a currency-manipulating country. When the bird is shot, the fine bow is put away; when the rabbit is caught, the hunting dog goes into the cooking pot. Wake up, comrades!

Interesting. The CCP has a very sophisticated approach toward encouraging the participation of “netizens” in public discourse. Of course the approach contains some very firm red lines regarding taboo topics. But the CCP also seems to use the discussion boards in which netizens participate as a useful sounding-board for the opinion of educated, well-connected citizens. So it’ll be interesting to try to figure out the extent to which this fairly scathing set of netizen reactions to Beijing’s diplomacy has any discernible effect on policy going forward.

3 thoughts on “The Iran/sanctions issue: Chinese netizens weigh in”

  1. Iran/sanctions?
    Ok here the tread between US occupied Iraq and Iran sky rocketing from 2003 until now, estimated figures put to 6Billions US dollar tread between Iran and Iraq.
    Sistani had made US$3.0 Billion in 2004 according to Vali Nasser and more money later after, most the money reported from Iraq invested inside Iran.
    So US control Iraq Iran got paid billions so what “sanctions” you talking here?
    Iran selling petrol to Iraq Iran selling electricity to Iraq Iranian control major treads hubs in Gulf countries so on and so forth.
    Iran under US sanctions from 1979 so what has done to Iran to Mullah Regime?
    The last sanctions by UN just laughable if you compared with UN section put on Iraq in 1991.
    So please save your time talking about Iran or US section they in the same bead in love in Iraq

  2. “Let a 100 flowers bloom. Let a hundred schools of thought contend.” (Let the carpenters get to work constructing a 100 scaffolds.) — Chairman Mao
    “Kill the chicken, scare the monkey.” — Ancient Chinese aphorism.

  3. The Iran nuclear weapons issue is a bigger joke than the Iraq wmd issue, and everyone knows this, including Russia and China, so why would they choose to go along with the US on this, throwing Iran under the bus, knowing that it would make them look like punks? I think they’d have preferred not to, probably, but they bowed before the increasingly evident determination of the US to demonize and ultimately attack (or otherwise arrange regime change for) Iran. In other words, they ARE punks, and the folks commenting in China seem – very understandably – uncomfortable with that. The US now treats the whole world the way they used to treat Latin American countries. Carrots and sticks. Russia was faced with a choice; it could face continued challenge to its European markets for hydrocarbons, or it could reap various rewards from US allies (arms deals with France and India, a gas pipeline deal with Germany, etc.). The US political elites, for all their ridiculous public bluster, are quite sophisticated about all this. China faced a war over currency and further support for Taiwan. They folded. In essence, the US likes to play the crazy card, shoulder by shoulder with Israel. They want the likes of Russia and China to think that, yes, they WOULD bring down the global economy in a struggle with China, and yes, they WOULD start a nuclear war with Russia, and so on. It’s Chicken on a global scale.
    Why, one must ask, is the US soooo determined to go to war with Iran (or otherwise arrange for regime change)? It’s for many reasons, but it all boils down to this: Iran is one of the remaining nations that challenges US hegemony. It plays a role in relation to the US similar to the role played by Hamas and Hezbollah in relation to Israel; it represents refusal to knuckle under to Uncle Sam’s power. Iran WILL be forced to accept a regime acceptable to US elites.
    In this context, the signifigance of the Iran-Turkey-Brazil deal is plain. These lesser powers are standing in the way of the will of the Hegemon. That is a rebellion that speaks directly to what is at stake in this war and now you can be sure that regime change is on the way in Turkey and Brazil too. Russia and China, having been publically punked by the US, are not too happy about being punked by these ‘lesser powers’. They may have to acknowledge their subservient relation to the US,but at least they are ‘major powers’!!
    There will be war, if the Green Coup doesn’t succeed in regime change. China and Russia will tacitly support that war, just as they did the Iraq war. But yes, by all means, alternapundits, keep selling the idea that Obama is a Secret Peacemaker.

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