Back from a break

I got back home to Charlottesville this afternoon after a great family reunion in Philadelphia, to celebrate my youngest child’s 25th birthday. Wow, how time flies!
My other two kids were there, too, along with Matilda the best grandbaby in the world, Emmy the sister-in-law, and Bill the spouse. So we had a fine old time. The weather was beautiful, and Philadelphia’s a fabulous walking city. (Matilda, aged 17 months, wanted to do a LOT of walking on her own. It was adorable to watch her striding determinedly along the broad sidewalks, to the bemusement of many passers-by… )
Prior to the Philly trip I was working really hard on a quick consulting project for the American Friends Service Committee, and I’ve also been pushing my Big New Project ahead pretty well. It should be ready for unveiling (along with the new design for the blog) by mid-April or so.
Sorry I’ve been a bit absent from the blog– and not paying enough attention to all the sock puppets etc in the comments section.
There’s certainly a lot to blog about. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Back from a break”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the family, while your buddies all over the world are blowing up families. “Pushing” is the right word for your next project, may be peddling is also a good fit.
    The sock puppet will surely chime in with their fake comradery about how they missed you and how great your family is. From me you get the visceral truth. I never noticed you were absent.

  2. TO be happy with your family is one of the basic human needs that we should all deserve as long as we don’t hurm anybody.
    Ms. Cobban has the right to expressed her happiness with her great family reunion and we should congratulate her instead of being jaleous.

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