More signs of Mitchell’s sidelining

There’s been quite a bit of talk in the conference here about the way that George Mitchell has either been sidelined or has for other reasons faded from the scene. Of course, it’s not just Mitchell that has been sidelined, it’s the whole justice-based and vigorous U.S. pursuit of peace that his appointment back in January 2009 seemed to promise.
So today the NYT tells us that Sec. Clinton and three of her top aides are fanning out to the Middle East in a concerted campaign to–
…make a push for Palestinian-Israeli peace? No!
Rather, they’re trekking out to try to line regional leaders up behind the latest step in the (AIPAC- and Likud-driven) campaign to ratchet the pressure up inexorably against Iran.
And who are these envoys?
Well, there’s Hillary herself, who’s going to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Then, there’s her Under-Secretary for political affairs, Bill Burns, who’s going to Syria.
And there are her two Deputy Secretaries, for Policy and Administration… James Steinberg (Policy) will be going to Israel, and Jacob Lew (Administration) will be going to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.
And when was the last time we heard any major news about George Mitchell? (Yawn.)

4 thoughts on “More signs of Mitchell’s sidelining”

  1. I’m not worried, Helena. You will ALWAYS find yet another way to claim the Obama really wants to do the right thing and he just can’t help but abandon the Palestinians to the tender mercies of Israeli fascism. Like so many other FauxGressive pundits, you have shown amazing resiliency in that regard. Can we make another excuse for Obama. YES WE CAN!!
    Meanwhile, as we fiddle, the Middle East appears to be headed towards another bloody climax, maybe an endgame this time, driven by US/Nato?Israeli geopolitical ambitions. The Empire always has its poets…
    … or maybe it’s time to wake up and point out the Emperor’s lack of (ethical) clothes? It’s not too late for truth, justice and peace.

  2. I’ve got snow so I spent the afternoon online at the Library of Congress reading thur 100 of bills and resolutions passed by congress for Israel.
    This is one of my favorites:
    “Condemning Palestinian efforts to revive the original Palestine partition plan of November 29, 1947, and condemning the United Nations Commission on Human Rights for its April 27, 1999, resolution endorsing Palestinian self-determination on the basis of the original Palestine partition plan
    JERROLD NADLER ( 1999 ) ( Concurrent Resolution originating in the House )
    Source: Legislation, Congressional Activity [106th Congress, Bill 131]
    And that isn’t even the worst one…get Palestine, get Lebanon, get Syria, get the UN, get Iran…get the entire world for Israel.
    100’s upon 100’s of them.
    Let me say this loud and clear,don’t go by what you hear about how the Jewish lobby or Israel controls the US foreign policy.
    Get the proof for’s there in black and white…indisputable.
    The give away to this is the lies that are incorporated into these bills and resolutions. Lies about who, where and what that have been disproven and known to be false by 90% of the world…and yet…our congress treats the lies as fact by including them into the congressional record. Although you know that some of themwho vote for these bills know there are lies.
    History is revised. Voila!
    To get rid of the I/P conflict you are going to have to get rid of congress and the Jewish/Israeli influence in America.
    Not intended to slur the sane Jews who are not part of this madness, but those are facts.
    The US is now a Zionist State, not America any longer.
    Anyone want to guess how all this will turn out in the end. I don’t have a clue except I doubt I will like any of the outcomes.

  3. And Tony Blair before Mitchell?
    But more seriously, I didn’t think this current diplomatic offensive was (directly) about Israel/Palestine. I thought it was all about attempting to isolate Iran.
    I don’t know how successful it will be. I wouldn’t have thought that anti-Iranian agreements made with Arab states, in order to help out Israel, would be very stable, but you never know. There is a fear among unrepresentative Sunni rulers, particularly in the Gulf, of their own Shi’a populations. Of course if Israel/US actually did attack Iran, the situation of the Gulf States would be up in the air, and who knows how it would settle. So I don’t know whether Clinton’s negatiations are real.

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