I’m back!

Okay, folks, spread the word: I’m back. The job with CNI didn’t work out. If you’re interested to learn more, you can read the statement I just wrote about the whole business, here.
I’m snowed in here in DC right now. I was meant to depart this evening for the UN conference in Malta to which I’m contributing a presentation about the situation in Jerusalem. But now, our flights out of Dulles airport have been rebooked for tomorrow evening. The snows have been extraordinarily heavy here this year– and the DC government seems just as lame as it always was, in its response to them.
I don’t have time to blog much right now… I have a ton of things to do connected with my departure from CNI. But I can certainly tell you I’m looking forward to resuming my blogging here. I’ve missed it! So I’ll be back here again, very, very soon.

19 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. Helena, Glad your back. Will you pass along the information for people to check out the video GAZA IN PLAIN LANGUAGE. It is on You Tube, but they can see it on other blogs.

  2. Helena, you are most welcome.
    I had the feeling you couldn’t be escaped from your distinguished blog. With you return, I am certain you are going to give the chance to your readers gothering again around you.
    welcome back, Helena.

  3. I too am sorry that the other thing didn’t work out, but I would be less than honest if I didn’t say that that your return here is greatly appreciated. The spirited debate your blogs provoked (even with the occasional rants) was sorely missed. We all look forward to your continuing insights. I am also glad you stuck to your guns with the “suits.”

  4. I’m glad you are back. I think you have much more freedom in your blogging entries here than at CNI. I don’t about any other readers but I noticed a big difference in words and topics between the two sites. Here you can let it all hang out and that’s what we love about you.

  5. yay! for years i have had three daily blog staples: yours and two written by men. i am so happy to have the female voice back!!!

  6. I’m back too! Not surprised that a free spirit could not be a yard animal for long. I find your statement less than totally revealing, though, dear Helena. It leaves a Jimmy Cliff situation: more questions than answers. If you feel unable to tell detailed tales out of that particular school, can’t you please at least enlighten us a bit more about Beltway institutions in general, and what their contradictions amount to?

  7. Helena, I’ve worked for others and I’ve worked for myself. I much prefer the latter. I imagine that you, not being the shy retiring type, do too.
    Have you considered founding your own NGO? Make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak. “Council for World Interest (CWI)”. Toss it at ’em. Lots would support you, I betcha.

  8. Just like in your blog, seems like you are not posting the other side of the story. It took from November to February to get the hint that you were not wanted?
    I can’t think it would be ideological, so I have to assume your executive skills were not that attractive to them. I don’t blame them.
    Welcome back to your world of criticism and empty words.

  9. Hello whaza,
    You have the right to express your opinion as you wish but you don’ have to be rude and judge Helena’s JWN this way.It’s a shame!

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