Iran’s Capital Idea

The BBC this morning carries a curious item about Iran moving its capital city away from Tehran. It’s not a particularly new idea, and a geo-physical argument exists to support such a dramatic change.
Yet recent political earthquakes may also be involved in the calculation. The article buys into the misleading, if all too common Western sense of Tehran being more “liberal” and politically restive than the rest of the country. Right-o…. Tell that to Tabrizis.
In any case, maybe now we know the “real reason” why urban planners are such hot potatoes inside Iran. Hey, maybe this news could provide a “constructive” pathway to free Kian Tajbakhsh — to help with this whopper of an urban planning project.

22 thoughts on “Iran’s Capital Idea”

  1. america, england, canada, australia and germany long ago moved their capitals to tel aviv. their souls to hell.

  2. It’s been very striking and very sad to witness the silence of the supposedly Left supposedly pro-Iran blogosphere since the regime’s show trials, show confessions and physical and psychological torture of their prisoners from the democracy movement in Iran.
    Silence. After all the frenetic blogging in the period after the hijacking of the elections.
    Now we find the issue reduced to a BBC report about proposals to move its capital away from Tehran. Well if this is the only issue troubling your friends, colleagues and contacts in Iran, Scott, then clearly what happened in June was subject to total beat up at the time and you misled us all (except for the trusty Bevins, Domzas et al who appear to have got it right?)
    Still, I suppose you did make a reference to Kian Tabaksh even if it is an oblique, easily missed and totally ineffectual. That’s what you call a brief nod in the direction of the persecuted.

  3. If and when the US realizes that Iran really wants nuclear weapons, really and badly, they may conclude that Iran needs help moving their capital, and that the bearded gnome with the colorful hatred needs to be humbled. Humility should be a good trait for such a devout moslem.

  4. Well, who actually cares where Tehran ends up when our own muslim population is going berzerk. Captain Hasan went on rampage today in Texas illustrating that Islam is a risk factor that cannot be ignored, just like one wouldn’t rely on an alcoholic for an army role, the Koran has a similar intoxicating effect. How many soldiers have to die before pragmatism prevails.

  5. Jason Rodroguez went on a rampage today in Orlando. That means
    A. Jason Rodriguez must be a Muslim.
    B. Latinos are a risk factor that cannot be ignored.
    C. Non-Muslims snap and go on rampages because they are psychologically compromised to begin with, and severe pressures in their lives push them over the edge whereas Muslims only go on rampages because of Islam.

  6. Oh well now it turns out that Major Hasan was a Balestinian even though he was born here. Whenever people blow up like that there is always the two cursed words “Allahu Akhbar”, and the simplest investigative tools is in plain French: Cherche la Mosque.
    A proselitizing, angry, blogging, mosquing, bumper stickering moslem in the Army is Political Correctness run amok. What happened to background checks? We do them for every freaking teacher.
    PTSD for a soldier that had never been deployed i his life? Nonsense. Hasan blew up because of Post Koranic Stress Disorder, a really debilitating disease.

  7. Muslims say Allahu akbar under all kinds of circumstances. It is uttered as a prayer before they do something that is important, difficult, challenging, potentially dangerous, or when they believe they are in a dangerous situation. It does not mean that what they are about to do is religiously motivated. It is a prayer giving oneself up to God, and putting the situation in His hands. That is all it is.
    I have a colleague who was born in the USA of two Italian-American parents. He identifies not only as Italian, but as Sicilian. I have another colleague who was born in the U.S. to two immigrants from Scotland. She identifies as Scots. Another colleague is British-born of Indian parents, and he identifies as Indian. And then there is the colleague who was born in the U.S. whose parents immigrated from El Salvador, and who identifies as Salvadoran. They all also identify as American. That’s how it is with a lot of people. They do not give up the identity of their roots just because they are Americans.

  8. How telling that a thread apparently designed (as I read it) to keep the Iran issue alive without actually offending the regime or to conform to whatever the politically-correct-Iran-approach is these days – has so quickly been able to be hijacked by Titus and Shirin into another issue/topic.
    Me? I think the members of the Islamic Republican democracy movement in Iran who have been and are experiencing state murder, arrest, psychological torture, physical torture, show trials, show confessions and the coercion of their families deserve better than this.
    This thread is a perfect example of how timidity in the first instance consigns serious issues to irrelevance.

  9. I did this before but I think it’s in the filter.
    “Most Iranians express acceptance of the outcome of the Presidential election. Eighty-one percent say they consider Ahmadinejad to be Iran’s legitimate president, and 62 percent say they have a lot of confidence in the declared election results, while 21 percent say they have some confidence. Just 13 percent say they do not have much confidence or no confidence in the results. In general, eight in 10 (81%) say they are satisfied with the process by which authorities are elected, but only half that number (40%) say they are very satisfied.”
    This is getting tiring.
    And no, that is not a defense of show trials and torture

  10. It is not hijacking, it is that he who controls the topics does not have the cojones to opine on relevant and immediate topics, like political correctness killing people in my country.
    Shirin will unearth poor Mc Veigh every week when a moslem blows up to show that blonde also blows up. 911-McVeigh, Bali-McVeigh, London-McVeigh, Madrid-McVeigh. Oh please Shirin do some introspection and admitt that your faith is rotten to the core.
    Yesterday was the honr killing in Phoenix of Noor Faleh Almaleki
    who was ran over by her dad 48-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki to put an end to what he perceived to be his daughter’s rebellious life.
    What now Shirin, are you going to pull a latina getting killed by her dad?
    May be just easier to abandon the middle ages, it may take a 7 step program but the first is always to stop denial.

  11. How many children are killed by their parents in this country?
    “Contrast this with the reasons men kill their children: Most frequently… they kill because they feel they have lost control over their finances, or their families, or the relationship, or out of revenge for a perceived slight or infidelity.”
    Lets talk about the US and violence. Lets talk about Christian terrorism in the US. The Olympic bombing, the abortion clinic bombings and assassinations and the fundraising bake sales for Scott Roeder, the murderer of Dr. George Tiller.
    We live in a very violent country.

  12. Shirin will unearth poor Mc Veigh every week…
    I have never once mentioned Timothy McVeigh.
    …who was ran over…
    Was RUN over, Titus. Your lack of literacy is exceeded only by your ignorance.

  13. Titus, how chivalrous of you to deplore violence against Muslim women. (It’s spelled “honor” not “honr”)
    In 2005 1,181 women were killed in the US by their boyfriends or husbands. That’s three women every day.
    In 2006 The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reported 4.8 million instances of domestic violence.
    In 2006 the Center reported 232,960 instances of rape. That’s 600 every day.
    Physical violence is more common among the less well educated. Your writing reveals you to belong there. Any experience with violence, Titus?

  14. kassandra,
    Titus’s demeanor and comments reflect the Zionist’s real regards of non-Jews and is best articultaed as;-
    “That the difference between the Jewish soul … and the soul of all the Gentiles as well as all non-jews … is greater and deeper than the difference between the soul of a man and the soul of an animal. β€” Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook (1865-1935)

  15. It is a daily dose of muslim shame, I ma not sure how Shirin you have the strength to raise your head and speak instead of digging it in the sand like an ostrich. Or maybe you have it in the sand and don’t see what you are all about.
    – Muslim Al Sayyaf beheaded a teacher in the Phillippine.
    – Muslim Somali pirates attack a tanker in the Indian Ocean, the British couple still captive for ransom
    – Iran charges three US students that crossed an un-markedborder with spying, and continue roting in jail since July
    You want to focus on my spelling and grammar instead? Go fix your faith, get going now, and let’s see if you can speak up against their outrages as you do against ours. They may deal with you like the father in the honor killing.

  16. Looks like there a nationalistic volunteer of the Israeli Absorption Ministry and Foreign Ministry busy at work and whose mother tongue is other than the English Language πŸ™

  17. “Looks like there a nationalistic volunteer of the Israeli Absorption Ministry and Foreign Ministry busy at work and whose mother tongue is other than the English Language :(”
    Well, that phrase is missing punctuation and a few articles here and there. A KGB man perhaps?
    Anyhow, today we uncork a Moet Chandon in my block, cause another peace loving religion is going to met the 72 virgins or whatever. John Allen Muhammad, the Washington sniper will be executed, and what a coincidence another product of muslim in the US army… are we that desperate to recruit these characters?
    Read and uncork your preferred liquor:
    John Allen Muhammad is due to be executed on Tuesday for the murder of Dean Harold Meyers, one of 10 people killed during three weeks of attacks.

  18. Titus’s Kinda Drinking Buddy?
    An Israeli rabbi has supported the murder of non-Jewish babies who pose a threat to Israel in his recently released book The King’s Torah.
    Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva religious school in the occupied West Bank, says Jews are allowed to murder even non-Jewish babies and children if they pose a threat to Israel, Haaretz reported.
    Shapiro said Jews are allowed to kill ‘those who, by speech, weaken our sovereignty’.
    “It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote.
    Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have also recommended the book to their students and followers.
    During the Israeli three-week offensive on the Gaza Strip last year, some leading rabbis issued a ruling which gave permission to kill civilians in the coastal enclave.
    β€œIt is permitted, according to Jewish Law, to fire shells and bombs at the firing sites, even if they are populated by civilians,” read a ruling issued by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe and Rabbi Meir Mazuz.
    The ruling gave a free hand to Israeli commanders to attack civilian population during the war in the Gaza Strip in which at least 1350 people, including women and children, were killed.

  19. let’s remember a few of the greatest american terrorists of the past few years: cheney, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, perle, feith, wurmser, libby, ledeen, safire, will, gaffney, emerson, joe lieberman, zuckerman, krauthamer, judith miller, zakheim(where’s the 2.5 trillion dov?), all the kagans and cohens. just a few and all but 2 jew.

  20. gaffney and will act like jews but are considered jewish butt-suckers. cheney and rumsfeld are dungbeetles

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