‘The Nation’ piece on AIPAC’s Tom Dine

This piece is online now, here. It was really fascinating to work on– just as it has been really interesting to work with Dine on the US-Syria Working Group, as is mentioned in the article.
Th Nation has two linked pieces– both by Phil Weiss and Adam Horowitz: American Jews Rethink Israel, and Israel vs. Human Rights.
Great work, Phil and Adam! I’m proud to be up there with you!

One thought on “‘The Nation’ piece on AIPAC’s Tom Dine”

  1. Thank you Helena for this report…. Illuminating; I had no idea. I seem to remember some of Dine’s past boasts, about being head of the most powerful lobby in America. (which of course provided much fodder for the critics) And now a conversion of sorts on the road to Damascus? Enough to make me believe in miracles again. :-}

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