J Street blogger panel–next Monday!

J Street’s big inaugural conference starts next Sunday evening… And at lunchtime on Monday, Oct. 26, there’ll be a great affiliated event: a panel discussion involving a large number of pro-peace bloggers, including yours truly.
All JWN readers who are at the conference, come along! Blogs have played a large role in breaking the tight blockade that previously prevented real facts and fair-minded opinions about the Palestine Question from getting anything like a fair hearing in the American public discourse.
I’m really excited because I’ll get to meet, in real physical space, many bloggers whose work I have long admired but whom I have not yet actually met.
They include panel organizers Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam and Jerry Haber of the Magnes Zionist. Also Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss and Max Blumenthal, who blogs various various places– and also does those famous videos.
Laila El-Haddad of Gaza Mom is coming, and Matt Duss of the Wonk Room, and a bunch of other great bloggers. I imagine the best way to keep updated on the participant list will be to check Richard’s blog.
The panel will run 12:30 – 2:00pm, and be in the McPhearson Square Room at the Grand Hyatt. I think you have to be a registered participant in the conference to attend, and that lunch will be provided. (H’mmm. That probably means people will take 20 minutes going thru the lunch line so we won’t get started till around 1? People: go through those lunch lines as fast as you can, okay?)
Richard reminds us of the following:

    Our event is not officially sponsored by J Street and nothing said during our session should be construed as representing J Street’s views. We are bloggers and independent actors. We do not speak for J Street and they do not endorse our statements. They have graciously offered us a physical space during their conference. But that is where the relationship ends.
    …J Street has agreed to our panel and understands the independent role we play in the blogosphere and at their conference. That is something that is important and praiseworthy.

I hope to see many of you there!

2 thoughts on “J Street blogger panel–next Monday!”

  1. What a waste of time. When the collective voices of those who point fingers at one side and ignore the atrocities of others are raised all it does is prove the illegitimacy of their charges.
    But it makes for great blog fodder.

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