Qtube– what a resource!

If you want to learn about the form of Quakerism to which I belong, you should head over to the brand-new “Qtube” website published by Baltimore Yearly Meeting and click on a few of these great video-clips.
A small group of BYM Quakers were busy making these clips during annual sessions last month. Lots of the folks who were there volunteered to go and speak for them. (I kind of volunteered but then got busy with other things.)
I get a special pleasure watching these because I know so many of these people.

2 thoughts on “Qtube– what a resource!”

  1. Normally I wouldn’t comment on Ms Cobban’s religious beliefs but she discusses them so freely on her site, not only in posts like this but also in the biography section of her blog.
    I understand that Quaker tradition promotes social activism and pacifism; what could be more admirable than that?
    But what about humility, tolerance and the golden rule; aren’t they part of the Quaker creed?
    Reading Ms Cobban’s posts on this blog puts me in mind of no one so much as the Israeli settlers she loves to criticize. Her politics are certainly different but her temperament, inflexibility and hostility to seeing the nuance in things is remarkably reminiscent of the attitudes of the settlers.
    I did enjoy the clips.

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