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  2. Copied forward from an earlier thread:
    Can some one explain to me why, if the IDF was engaged in widespread and indiscriminate killing of civilians during Operation Cast Lead, do women account for only 12% of the fatalities reported by the PCHR and B’Tselem?
    I am also curious as to how many of the minors under the age of 16 were over the age of 14, as opposed to 14 and younger.
    Ms. Cobban writes:
    “PCHR put the complete death toll among Gazans at 1,419. B’tselem put it at 1,387. That’s a difference of 32 people. The difference could perhaps be explained by what they were counting: PCHR was counting the number of Palestinians ‘killed during the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip,’ while B’tselem was apparently counting Palestinians killed by the Israeli security forces.”
    So does the difference represent the number of Palestinians who were summarily killed by the Hamas security forces during the fighting?

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