One thought on “Jordan, host of abusive QIZ, on Human Rights Council!”

  1. According to Shirin I live in an “ideology-driven world”. When I read that, it started me thinking.
    Shirin is correct insofar as I am a partisan of the working class. That’s no secret. But what I did not realise, and which Shirin has exposed for all to see, is how easily isolated I am here on JWN, because apart from myself, there are hardly any contributors who have any realistic sense of what the working class is, why it exists, what it does, and why it matters.
    Shirin can successfully cut me out and say that I am in another world as compared the one inhabited by nearly all the JWN readers and writers, because she has a strong basis for saying so.
    The two posts that Helena has made about the shocking Musa sweat-shop have drawn only four comments in two days, and two of those comments have come from yours truly, Domza. To me that is evidence that JWN-ers are pretty much indifferent to proletarian matters.
    Some of you who wonder why the Israel/Palestine situation is so intractable should maybe think about this. You don’t have to believe that class is the motor of history, but surely you must know that there is always a class dimension to politics?
    And if that is so, then you can’t afford to just blank it (class) out of your supposedly “non-ideology-driven world”.
    Please, in the words of Cromwell, “think it possible you may be mistaken”, and give a bit more attention to this aspect of the problem. I tell you, there has to be a proletariat; and how that proletariat is constructed will determine the whole future of Israel/Palestine.

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