Note to commenters, #2

We have recently had a small “group” of new commenters here, all expressing similar views that relied on completely unsubstantiated allegations and verged on hate-speech.
Turns out these “commenters” are all one person but operating under different names like “Asfour”, “Victor”, “Firouz”.
This sock-puppetry completely violates the spirit of discussion the rest of us have here. It’s also a way whereby the author of these posts can evade the discourse-hogging guideline. He or she has now been banned from the site.

4 thoughts on “Note to commenters, #2”

  1. “Asfour”, “Victor”, “Firouz”. !!
    Helena, it’s very useful to check from where this troll positing, I mean which country posting from.
    I think your Blog provider, or the blog tool can tell you from where this commentator geographically posting..
    Its very interesting to know about this troll.

  2. Speaking of Miami…there is a almost famous troll on I-P issues from Miami or at least his account originates from Miami. He has been kicked off several sites I read. It was interesting because the minute he would get banned he would roll over to another site and start his stuff all over again…some astute reader got on his case and was able to identify him from some kind of Facebook or my space information but I don’t remember his name.

  3. Pheww… I am glad it is not me. The Miami poster is making me look good and, who knows, may be even feel welcome.
    Have a nice week-end.

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