JWN redesign update #2

I have JWN’s design just about where I want it now. What reactions does anyone have to the new features I’ve introduced?
In the coming weeks I might introduce a more visual banner than the one that tops the blog right now… I might moderate the colors a little, since the blue still looks a little too loud… I might try to put a bounding line down the righthand side, if I could figure out how. But that’s about it.
But meantime, it looks as though something dire happened to the blog’s numbers last week. Does anyone know why? Did any of you have big interruptions of service, or long periods when the layout was crazy? Sorry, if so. But please do let me know if that happened to you.
I shall try hard not to have anything crazy happen to the blog’s public appearance from here on.
Also, if you could tell me how to put a bounding line down the righthand side, I’d appreciate that. Thanks!

One thought on “JWN redesign update #2”

  1. One feature you might like to try is the listing of recent comments that you find on Moon of Alabama, for example, though Patrick Lang has it too. I find it very useful to see what comments have been added recently, notably on older threads.

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