Oops, sorry about the service disruptions here

I’ve been doing some work on designing a website for my upcoming book, and considering different options for hosting it. One that I was briefly playing with this afternoon was to host it here, sort of alongside JWN at the hosting service I’m using here and for the new site to be in some senses a subdivision of JWN.
Big mistake. Setting up the templates for that apparently put down the JWN front page for a few hours. Then when the tech advisor (and son) tried to rebuild JWN, it briefly came up decked out in the colors of the still-in-development “Re-engage!” site, and with the “Re-engage!” banner there. Did any of you see it that way? It didn’t last but a few minutes before it reverted to normal service. Strange.
Too much excitement for one night. I hope this does NOT happen again soon. (I am now strongly trending toward a completely different hosting solution for the new site.)

2 thoughts on “Oops, sorry about the service disruptions here”

  1. 1. Excellent observation. Internet IQ being restored.
    2. It’s your browser. (and oh by the way, what’s with internet explorer being unable to view jwn in columns? Firefox – no problem. But imagine how much more enlightened the world would be if jwn could be viewable via ie too?

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