‘America’s Purpose’ and the G-SAVE

    I am part of a group of people discussing a background paper for a big-looking conference in DC on “Terrorism, security, and America’s Purpose”, upcoming Sept 6-7.
    I guess the organizers got caught by surprise when the Bushies changed the name of the US’s current global “challenge” from the GWOT to the G-SAVE (global struggle against violent extremism.) So that’s why we still have the outdated T-word there prominently in the conference title.
    Anyway, my working group is looking at the “Underlying causes” of terrorism (or violent extremism, whatever.) As for the nature of the discussion we’re having, of course my lips are appropriately sealed. But one of the things I contributed there I thought was actually worth sharing with y’all, the faithful readers of JWN. So here it is.

One of the main things that has intrigued me about the present project is that

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  1. I see that Bush, in his recent speech in Utah, went back to talking about the war on terror. All this stuff about G-SAVE forgotten. I was trying to detect from the reports whether it was only the media who said this, but I am fairly certain he was directly quoted.
    So much for G-SAVE, forgotten already by your wonderful president.

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