Annals of “immmediate” withdrawals

The Bushies and the Israelis have been stepping up their calls for an “immediate” Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. They cite UN Security Council resolution 1559, passed last September.
But remember, there’s “immediate” and “immediate”…
President George W. Bush, April 6, 2002:

14 thoughts on “Annals of “immmediate” withdrawals”

  1. It certainly takes chutzpa for two illegal occupying powers, one in Iraq, the other in Palestine, to call for Syria to leave its former territory. This sounds like what one would expect if Israel had committed the assassination of Rafik Hariri under the auspices of the United States.

  2. Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon does not endanger the security of Syrian citizens. It may jeopardize the livelihood of 1.4 Million Syrians that cannot find gainful employment in their own stagnant country, but job outsourcing shouldn’t be a reason for Lebanon’s occupation.
    The US, the French, the Lebanese, and the Saudis are all in allignment on the need for the Syrians to go. As remarkable as enjoyable to most observers. I plan to sitback and enjoy the spectacle of the recalcitrant Syrians go back kicking and screaming back to their own quarters.

  3. Dear Helenna
    Well, it took Israel more than 18 years to comply with 425’s demand for unconditional withdrawal “forthwith”. Did the US or any other government impose sanctions on Israel as a result of that lengthy non-compliance?
    So what? Who cares… there are 99 UN resolution( correct me if the number wrong) in regard to the Arab- Israel conflict, as soon as oil flow no problem, billions of dollars exporting US weapons to a friendly regimes in the region on a condition not to be used against Israel, those regimes they hadn’t the skills to use these sophisticated weapons! But they are using them against their citizens.
    Did they?

  4. So are you suggesting that Syria stay on another 18 years?! That’s what your argument amounts to: apologetics for the Syrians under some guise of pseudo-legality.

  5. How long will it take for Hizb’Allah to comply with the 15 year old Taif agreement and disband its armed militia?
    its former territory
    Excuse me? Lebanon is Syria’s former territory?

  6. two illegal occupying powers, one in Iraq,
    The US occupation of Iraq is legal. See Juan Cole on this topic.

  7. Actually, President Carter did force a (partial?) Israeli withdrawal in 1978. Israel then re-invaded in 1982.
    The neocons and Israelis are so full of hypocrasy why should they stop now? Their argument is simple: “Do what we want or die”. They can add whatever sanctimonius rubish they want to package their crimes. The crimes will still remain.
    The zionists as usual think they are the best qualified people to advise the Lebanese on their affairs. Maybe David Duke can develope an economic program for Africa as well.

  8. The zionists as usual think they are the best qualified people to advise the Lebanese on their affairs. Maybe David Duke can develope an economic program for Africa as well.
    The ARABS as usual think they are the best qualified people to advise the Lebanese on their affairs. Maybe OSAMA BIN LADEN can develope an economic program for Africa as well.
    fun game!

  9. Benoit, could you take a good look at the guidelines for commenters before trying to take up more space on my bandwidth here? Your remarks really don’t speak to the main topic of the post. They don’t seem courteous. And you certainly do like to be discourse hogger, don’t you?
    (Btw, I don’t think EDQ was claiming Duke was a Zionist. He was using what’s called an “argument from analogy”.)

  10. Helena, I think benoit was making an analogy as well. And his post was very short indeed, and mirrored verbatim the language used by another poster who you did NOT object to. The calls for removal of Syrian occupiers from Lebanese territory are coming from Lebanese as well as ‘Zionists,’ and I fail to see how the latter ideology can be termed analogous to anything David Duke espouses. Do you disagree? Do you think those in favor of a Jewish state (even alongside a palestinian state) are racist bigots like David Duke? If that is the sort of site you run, I for one would like to know, then I assure you you’d never hear from ME again.
    You seem to permit discourteous, off topic, and deeply offensive remarks so long as they conform somewhat to your own ideological biases. If this is your policy perhaps you should state it in the guidelines, along with the permitted ideological parameters.

  11. Amar,
    I understand many Lebanese want the Syrian troops out. It just bothers me to hear the Israelis and their supporters calling on Syria to leave when they invaded Lebanon and tried to install a puppet regime. Israel continues to bomb Lebanon and I think is still diverting water to Israel. Do you really think Israel has Lebanon’s best interests at heart?
    Israel is a profoundly racist colonial enterprise. Non-Jews do not enjoy full citizenship. In 1948 hundreds of thousands of natives were expelled from their homes because they were not Jewish. An entire society with its own culture, history, ect. was extinguished.

  12. edq, your rather bigoted asides on the nature of zionism are irrelevant to the post (they also suggest to me you favour the eradication of Israel, a position guaranteed to prolong Mideast violence for some time.) You perhaps are aware that the illegal militia of Hizb’Allah fires on Israel from time to time. The son of a close Israeli friend was lost in such an attack in August of 2003. An illegal militia answering to no elected authority, conducting operations outside its national borders strikes me as a more serious obstacle to peace than any Israeli land use or immigration policy. I am sure you disagree, but it is irrelevant to the topic of this post. If your position is simply that zionism is illegitimate and Hezb’Allah attacks upon Israel are justified, then you clearly are not interested in peace.
    “It took Israel more than 18 years to comply with 425” how long then has it taken Syria to comply with the very same resolution??? Helena’s ellipses conceal 425’s first clause: 1. Calls for strict respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries; If Israel is 18 years late, then Syria is only 23 years late in complying. What’s the hold-up?

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