Photos from Chiboene, Mozambique

Regular readers of JWN will recall that back at the end of April, in Mozambique, my daughter/research assistant Leila Rached and local research associates Salomao Mungoi and Alfiado Zunguza and I all went to participate in a grave-tending ceremony at one of only a few known civil-war-era grave/memorials that there are in Mozambique. (Read all about it here.)
Well, today, I think I may have figured how to post JPEG pics on the blog without having everyones’s browsers crash???? So here are three pics of that day. The first photo is of Leila doing the “watering” part of the ritual, at the mass grave under the cashew tree in Chiboene:
Here is our local contact, Ana-Paulina, doing the “planting” part of it:
And here is the whole group, standing around doing the hymnsinging/praying part of it:

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  1. perfectly visible with W98 SE and Opera 7.11
    nice to have an image with the story.

  2. The pics look good in Safari (on Mac OS X). They look great! Nice addition to the whole thing.

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