MORE ABOUT BRIDGES: In the Ikezawa e-book (see next post), one of the things I liked– and would have liked more of– was the specificity of the details he gave about what he saw in Iraq. That’s one of the things I really like about the “Dear Raed” blog that I read every so often.
I like the edgy attitude of the folks who write that blog– from Baghdad. And I also love their detail. I’ve seen a couple of lengthy posts from Salam, who’s one of the people who posts on it, in which he writes with affection and knowledge about different parts of his city (and of Basra, in the south.) See his post of Feb. 24– that was a good one.
Feb 21, he wrote, “it is warmer generally and the nights are beautiful with a bright moon when you can see it thru the clouds or sand. The moon started waning now and getting closer to that scary ‘dark of the moon’ phase. Most people think if anything is going to happen this month it will start during the darkest nights. We?ll see.”
A blog like this can truly be a bridge across the continents.
I’m looking for a similar kind of a blog written from Israel— one that portrays some of the distinctive flavor, general zaniness, and existential fearsomeness of what it’s like to live there. So far, all I’ve found by Googling on “Israel blog” have been some fairly stridently nationalistic ones, and a rather sad one from a peacenik who apparently gave up doing it in despair sometime last summer.
If anyone has some good ideas for how to find one, please tell me!

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